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Statistics tell us that here are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs).  This is  a 15 percent increase year over year.(Facebook as of 7/27/16).

Facebook is too big to ignore.  It is an important resource for your Business.  It is quite popular and it could mean securing your Business success.


Let us help you with FB to make it work for you;  We can help you with all FB matters including:


) Is it a business or personal page?
2) Website/fanpage address
3) Important Images ie. product images, self portrait, logo .. 
4) Text to insert on the cover
5) Visual preferences(a reference image would be good)

Let us set up your Page and if you have one already let us spruce it and upgrade it to a professional level to achieve your goals.

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Here is to your Success!

Our Packages


  • FB is an amazing Social Media channel If you need to start an account let us do that for you
  • Let us create your Page Professionally and get you the best outcomes
  • Get excellent eye catching Images
  • Get amazing Content
  • Be proud of your Professional Page. It reflects your Business Image!


  • Let us set your Facebook Page and Keep posting for you for 2 weeks!
  • When we post high quality content that will help you see how your Page is being valued!
  • You might wish to follow our Model and Post yourself and we can help with that too!
  • We can give some help and guidance for you to post!
  • If you want us to continue posting then please go to Custom Order and state your requirements!


  • Would you like us to optimise your Facebook page so it gets more exposure?
  • We can create SEO for you so your beautiful Page is seen!
  • We can give your Facebook page the best chance for it to be seen!
  • We can also drive traffic to your page or website
  • Let us give your Page or Pages the best exposure and Success!

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